PhD in THS Reaches Key Milestone

25 dissertation defenses
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Celebrating 25 PhD in THS Defenses

The PhD in Translational Health Sciences program recently passed an important milestone, 25 dissertation defenses! These dissertations can all be found in the GW Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library Research Commons. Such an achievement could not have been reached without so many people's hard work, support, and dedication. We extend our special thanks to program staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep things running and who don’t hear ‘thank you’ nearly enough. Thanks to the support of the IMPACT Team who were instrumental in helping us ‘go live’ with our dissertation defenses, and to program leadership who are constantly engaged in how we can enhance the program and support our students most effectively. Lastly, to all the chairs, committee members, and readers, who give so generously of their time to support our students in achieving their successful dissertation defense, we extend our most sincere thanks and gratitude. 

We are thrilled that Alex Blacker’s defense on November 29, 2023 launches us on the path to our 50th defense! Announcements of upcoming defenses can be found on our Events Page. You can review our past dissertations in our Events Archive, which has links to each of the written dissertations.