PhD in Translational Health Sciences

The Future of Health Care Requires Translating Knowledge to Improve Heath

“I believe it is essential that we refresh and reinvigorate our national science and technology strategy … so that our children and grandchildren may inhabit a healthier, safer, more just, peaceful, and prosperous world. This effort will require us to bring together our brightest minds across academia, medicine, industry, and government—breaking down the barriers that too often limit our vision and our progress, and prioritizing the needs, interests, fears, and aspirations of the American people.”

Joe Biden’s letter to new Science Advisor Dr. Eric Lander, January 2021.

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Translational Health Sciences Researcher

Generate translational knowledge to understand and optimize scientific, social, political, professional, and organizational processes shaping evidence implementation.

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Health Care Practice Leader

Apply evidence from clinical and translational research to everyday practice.

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